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Nelly Shut Down in Attempt to Make Sexual Assault Accuser Reveal Her Name

By Ryan Naumann

A judge has shut down Nelly’s demand that the woman suing him for sexual assault be forced to name herself.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a federal judge has ruled the woman does not have to identify herself in the case she brought using Jane Doe.

The judge says the decision to allow her to continue using a pseudonym is up to the court. The order points out numerous other courts have allowed plaintiffs to use Jane Doe in such cases.

Nelly tried to cite a case filed 23 years ago against Tupac Shakur in his legal argument to have her name revealed.

The judge notes that case is very old and, “As made evident by the more recent cases cited above, courts now place more weight on the psychological trauma faced by victims of sexual assault, the easy public access of court records online, and the deterrent effect that “outing” a sexual assault victim may have on other victims. Second, the plaintiff in Shakur conceded that her name, residence, and place of employment were already known to the press, rendering public identification in court filings a moot issue.”

Further, he points out Nelly and his lawyers already know the name of the woman.

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The order reads, “The Court is also mindful of the strong public interest in protecting the identities of sexual assault victims so as not to deter other victims from reporting crimes against them. Having considered and weighed the interests herein, the Court concludes that the interest in preserving Plaintiff’s privacy by use of a pseudonym outweighs the public interest in ascertaining her true name, and so Plaintiff will be allowed to proceed under a pseudonym in the instant case.”

Back in November, Jane Doe sued Nelly over an alleged sexual assault following a 2017 concert in England. The woman claims after going backstage to meet the star, he exposed himself and began masturbating in front of her before allegedly forcing his erect penis inside her mouth.

Jane Doe says she never went to the police with what happened because she felt no one would believe her. She eventually spoke to police after they reached out to her.

In addition to her sexual assault claim, Jane Doe is also suing Nelly’s girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, for defamation because of comments she made on social media.

Nelly filed docs demanding the court force the woman to reveal her identity or for the entire lawsuit to be dismissed.

The “Country Grammar” rapper claimed the “Jane Doe” has previously leveled similar allegations in connection with other legal proceedings, and the hip-hop star believes the woman should not be allowed to avoid public scrutiny by hiding “behind a cloak of anonymity.”

Doe accused the rapper of attempting to intimidate “his sexual assault victim into dropping her case by publicly “outing” her.”

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The woman claimed Nelly and his lawyers were already informed privately of her identity, “in July 2018 before this lawsuit was filed. Defendant and his counsel just this month met with the police in Essex who opened an investigation into the oral rape (the term used in the UK) incident a year ago. There is no prejudice to the Defense in allowing Plaintiff to stay out of the public eye such that her identity remains known only to the Court and to the parties here.”

She pointed out courts had repeatedly ruled that allegations of, “sexual assault and rape, as in this case, concern highly sensitive and personal subjects, and that forcing the victims to identify themselves publicly would deter those victims and others from reporting their assaults.”

Doe said if forced to reveal her true identity it risked causing her additional psychological trauma.

The case is ongoing.

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