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Nelly Says 'I'm Innocent' Regarding Sexual Assault Allegations

By TheBlast Staff

Nelly is not backing down from proclaiming his innocence regarding sexual assault allegations brought against him by multiple fans, but still isn't sure if it's a bad idea to hook up with women at his concerts.

Nelly was heading out of LAX to go "somewhere over seas" when he commented on the new allegations of sexual assault, including one accusation from a woman in the U.S. military and an active investigation in England.

He says that from the beginning he has said he's "innocent," and points out that his criminal case in Washington got tossed out.

The "Hot In Herre" rapper has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women who claim the rapper forced himself upon them after they attended his concerts, and when asked if Nelly now thinks it's a bad idea to get intimate with fans ... he's still unsure.

He did wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, though!

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