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NBA Youngboy's Girlfriend, YaYa Mayweather's Alleged Stabbing Victim Is Seen Wearing Arm Cast

By Mike Walters

NBA Youngboy's girlfriend, YaYa Mayweather's alleged stabbing victim has just been seen for the first time since the incident and the young woman is sporting a large cast on her right arm.

In a video, posted to her Instagram, Lapattra Jacobs can be seen wearing a large arm cast that stretches from above her bicep all the way down to her fingers.

It appears the cast is the type where the arm is being kept in very specific place, while the fingers are being held in a separate hand-cast, signifying there could be damage to the hand too.

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Interestingly, in the clip, Jacobs is dancing in what appears to be her bedroom to an NBA Youngboy song. As we reported, Jacobs is the mother of NBA's child and the woman's altercation started after YaYa and she began arguing inside of the rapper's home.

It seems clear, the woman wants the world to know just how bad the injuries are from the incident, and playing NBA Youngboy in the background seems to just be stirring the pot.

As we reported, Floyd Mayweather's daughter Iyanna, was arrested after allegedly stabbing Jacobs in the arms during an altercation inside NBA Youngboy's home. According to police, the two women began arguing and at some point made their way to the kitchen. Law enforcement claims at that point, YaYa grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Jacobs in the arms.

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After the fight, Jacobs was rushed to a local hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery for the knife wounds.

According to the charging documents, obtained by The Blast, the 19-year-old has was charged with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. In the filing, Harris County District Attorney alleges Yaya Mayweather -- "unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly caused bodily injury to Lapattra cutting (her) with a knife, and (she) used and exhibited a deadly weapon, namely a knife"

The crime is a serious felony in the state of Texas, and if convicted can carry a long prison sentence. Sentencing guidelines in this type of case can be 5 up to 99 YEARS in state prison.

Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Facing Years Behind Bars

The Blast

Since the altercation, NBA Youngboy and Yaya have been seen together at the rapper's home in Texas.

NBA's fans are not impressed with the public showing of the cast, with one saying, "I thought she closed her account... you know what - never mind... I don’t even care. Got important things to do... let me go make sure my microwave still plugged in 🙄🙄🙄."

Another added, "I am not showing myself in that typa situation... she gonna say I’m not gonna let that stop me. But sis look like she doing this for 5 min clout instead of HEALING AND FOCUSING ON HERSELF."

Mayweather is due back in court later this year.

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