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Naya Rivera's Search Proves Difficult Due To Lack of Visibility In Water

By Whitney Vasquez

Authorities are still looking for the body of "Glee" star Naya Rivera but their search efforts are proving to be difficult because they can only see about one-foot under the water. The 33-year-old actress went missing on Wednesday, July 8 while swimming in the lake with her four-year-old son and vanished without a trace. The Ventura County Sheriff's Office is slowly divulging new details about the incident and this afternoon, revealed that their search has been tough due to the water's "difficult conditions."

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Officials Believe She Drowned:


As The Blast reported, divers began searching late Wednesday afternoon and continued on Thursday morning. Ventura County Sheriff's Office has now officially changed the status from search and rescue to recovery, adding they now believe the 33-year-old actress is dead. Moments ago, they posted a press release announcing their intense search efforts.

"Approximately 50 sheriff’s personnel, along with a helicopter, boat crews, divers, and unmanned aerial vehicles searched the lake for five hours Wednesday evening, but Rivera could not be found," the statement read. It went on to reveal the entire shoreline and surface of the lake were also searched.

Less Than One Foot Of Visibility:


"Divers also searched under water in the area where the boat had last been seen. However, there was no sign of Rivera." They ended their search at 10 PM on Wednesday "due to zero visibility in the water and dangerous conditions for the divers."

Revealing that when their search continued on Thursday, the divers experienced "less than one foot of visibility in the water in daylight" which made "the recovery operation a very slow process." Adding they aren't giving up and are getting "resources from neighboring counties and the United States Coast Guard," the statement ends with the news everyone was dreading.

Her Last Posts:


"Investigators believe Rivera drowned in what appears to be a tragic accident." As The Blast reported, immediately after the news broke, Naya Rivera's fans took to her Instagram and noticed several eerie posts over the past couple of days. Less than one week before her alleged drowning incident, the "Glee" star posted a smiling selfie telling her followers to cherish every day because "tomorrow is not promised."

Her last post was taken on the day of the lake trip and was a picture of Naya Rivera with her son. "Just the two of us," she wrote but as many pointed out, her caption has a strange connection to Eminem's song about drowning his ex-wife.

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