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Naya Rivera Conspiracy Theories Flood Twitter After Surveillance Video Is Released

By Whitney Vasquez

It's been two days since Naya Rivera went missing after swimming in a lake with her son. While searches continue this morning, Twitter is filling up with conspiracy theories surrounding her disappearance and they are all pointing to a surveillance video that was released by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, July 9. Fans are throwing out their own opinions about what potentially happened to the "Glee" actress out on the water that day. As The Blast reported, police have changed the status from search and rescue to recovery and believe the 33-year-old star has died from drowning.

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Pulling Into The Parking Lot:


Authorities shared the surveillance video that showed Naya Rivera pulling into the parking lot of the boat dock on Wednesday, July 8. In the 16 minute clip, the star is seen driving her black G-Wagon, parking in the nearly empty lot and grabbing her son out of the backseat. She then went to the trunk and pulled out a big, white bag that she's seen throwing over her shoulder.

Scroll to watch the surveillance video.

The Surveillance Video:


The mother and son walked to the boat dock where Naya Rivera conversed with a few people before jumping in her boat rental and taking off with the toddler. The men she was conversing with prior are seen leaving the doc and jumping on a golf cart before driving off through the parking lot. At the same time, Naya Rivera's boat speeds off in the distance and that's where the video ends.

After watching the surveillance clip, fans began flooding Twitter with conspiracy theories ranging from pointing the finger at police to raising questions about the bag she was holding and the people who were also on the dock, most likely, the boat rental employees.

Conspiracy Theories:


"The video is sketchy and skips a lot. How do we not know that it was altered??" one fan questioned. "Why does it cut out when the boat is still in view? Where's the rest of the footage?" added another. "There was someone else in the water before she drove off. What was said to the men? WHY did all 3 men leave and lock up? No one finds that suspicious?" someone else tweeted.

Another big question fans had is what was in the bag? "That huge bag that she took out gave me like bad energy idk," a different fan wrote. "I agree. Huge sack for just a couple of hours on a boat," added another.

Police Believe She Drowned:


As The Blast reported, Naya Rivera's body has not been recovered after she went missing on Wednesday afternoon. When she did not return her boat after the three-hour rental time, they went looking for her. Her four-year-old son was found on the boat alone and asleep. He informed police that he and his mom went swimming and she never came back up. This is the third search for Naya Rivera's body but the recovery operation has been a "very slow process" due to the "difficult conditions." Police informed the press that divers are experiencing "less than one foot of visibility in the water in daylight."

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