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Unmetered Applause


Maybe Natasha Lyonne is just trying something new, but this new clapping method she's got going on raised a few eyebrows.

What Is This?


The "Orange Is the New Black" star was seen at the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, clapping along like everyone else, but something was a little different.

@jessnatale noticed it, and so did lots of other people.

"Natasha Lyonne’s clapping tonight... I will think about nothing else for a week. #Emmys," @jessnatale tweeted.

She's Not In First Grade Anymore

Gettyimages | nilimage

It was almost like she was 5 and learning how to clap for the first time. There was no curve in her hands when they joined, much like how others clap.

Look, Fred Armisen, her longtime boyfriend, is doing it right.

Let's Be Reasonable: It's Just Clapping


It does seem bizarre, but maybe there's an explanation. Did she just get her nails done? Maybe she just wants to stand out. We probably shouldn't discriminate against unconventional clappers who go against the grain.

Can Rings Get That Heavy?

Giphy | Emmys

Thankfully, Lyonne explained the situation on the "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," which is based in Australia.

"It was really difficult because I had a huge ring on that was not mine — but it was absolutely gorgeous," Lyonne told them.

So it was just that she couldn't handle the extra weight. Sure, okay.

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