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'Naked and Afraid' Star Gets Wasp Sting to the Penis: 'It Was an Out of Johnson Experience!'

By TheBlast Staff

One of the contestants on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" was put to the ultimate test when he suffered a brutal insect sting at the tippy top of his penis, and he says things got so dicey he wasn't sure if he'd be able to complete the challenge.

Survival enthusiast, and emergency medical responder, Duke Brady signed up for the 21-day challenge and was dropped deep in the Florida wilderness for the season 9 premiere.

Duke tells The Blast everything was going swimmingly, but towards the end of his challenge he accidentally stepped on an active yellowjacket nest while checking fish traps near their basecamp. One of the yellowjackets stung Duke right in the junk, and he says the tremendous initial jolt was followed by a "dull, throbbing pain."

He can't help but look back and joke, and says: "It was an out of johnson experience!"

Duke says he got checked out by crew medics, and the swelling was so bad from the sting that they were unsure if he would be able to walk to his upcoming extraction point. He says that his experience as a first responder helped, because there's not much to do for a sting except monitor the swelling, which was sizable. Duke admits that there was "Lots of puff, but no magic dragon."

As far as the camera crew, Duke says they are constant professionals, but admits they had a tough time keeping it together while they watched him hobble around holding his crotch.

Luckily though, he says the swelling began to subside after a few hours. He also had his partner, the first Muslim contestant to appear on the show, constantly monitor his injury. Duke commends Amal Alyassiri on being a total pro in his time of need, and says that inspecting his penis was probably more awkward for him.

In the end, Duke tells us that everything has returned to normal, albeit smaller, size -- and he is extremely happy to report that "the plumbing is fine!" To see if he he's able to get out of Florida on his own, we're all going to have to tune in tomorrow.

The new season of "Naked and Afraid" premieres Sunday 10 PM ET on Discovery, and Duke wants everyone to know that "It's all fun and games until you get poked in your third eye."

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