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'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Whitney Tries to Land a Power Jerk While Weightlifting

By Gary Trock

"My Big Fat Fabulous Life" star Whitney Way Thore took a crack at becoming a powerlifter, but the only thing she landed ... was on her butt.

The 35-year-old TLC reality star shared an Instagram video to give a visual depiction of how her Tuesday morning is going.

"Walking into Tuesday like, 'Yeees—oop!' she captioned the post.

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Thore can be seen approaching a barbell and attempting an Olympic lifting move known as a power jerk.

She is able to pull off the first part of the move and shoot the bar above her head, however, Thore is unable to lockout and complete the lift and it sends her crashing to the ground.

Even though she got beat, Thore doesn't appear to be discouraged as her trainer grabs the rolling barbell.

Giphy | TLC

It's unclear if she attempted the lift again, but we wouldn't be surprised if she dominated it after a few tries.

The reality star is known for pushing herself both physically and mentally, beyond the expected limits of someone in her physical condition.

Weightlifting appears to be something Thore has been working at and has been updating fans with her ongoing progress.

A few weeks back she shared a video of herself working on a different Olympic lift.

"Getting the hang of these hang cleans with the help of my wonderful coach."


The star has been kicking her fitness routine into overdrive ever since returning from a whirlwind vacation in France, where she traveled around and taped for the TLC reality show.

She already appears to be planning another vacation to the "City of Light."

"I louvred France so much, I think I’m gonna go back. 4 days full of work wasn’t enough time!"

She Lands It!

After criticism from people who thought the reality star wasn't in the shape to be powerlifting, Thore went back on Instagram and shared a video of her nailing the jerk!

She then hauled off on the haters.

"If at first you don’t succeed."

She then went on to explain that, "Plenty of weightlifters are fat," and she has a great coach that makes sure she stays safe.

Thore also said the first fall didn't even leave a mark emotionally or phsyically, "because failure is a part of training.

I don’t need to get “more fit” before I pursue lifting. Lifting IS getting me fit. • No one needs to be worried about my back/knees/pinkie toe. I’m the strongest I’ve been in the last ten years and any type of pain is almost non-existent exactly because I train in this body. • For all y’all who laughed with me, that was the point. Thank you.

Giphy | TLC

For those who critiqued her fitness routine, Thore responded, "I don’t need to get 'more fit”'before I pursue lifting. Lifting IS getting me fit."

The star said regardless of what people think, "I’m the strongest I’ve been in the last ten years and any type of pain is almost non-existent exactly because I train in this body."

She also thanked those who laughed with her and didn't resort to negativity.

She Launched an Online Dance Class

Dancing is a huge passion in Whitney's life, and she recently announced an online dance school, with her friend Todd, to teach fans her trademark moves.

The online tutorials cost $20 per month which gets users a 30-minute dance tutorial and other videos by the star throughout the month.

There's even themed dances, including a number to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" just in time for Halloween.

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