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One Insect That Can KILL The Murder Hornets! -- See The Incredible Video!!

Gettyimages | Julien Dubois
By Mike Walters

One insect may be our saving grace from the murder hornets, and a video of one of them savagely eating the head off of one, makes us feel a whole lot better!

An incredible video was posted this morning on Twitter, shows the stunning interaction between a Praying Mantis and a murder hornet -- and let's just say it ends with the mantis eating the brain of the scary hornet.

In the clip, the mantis starts by patiently watching the hornet, and then suddenly springs forward and grabs the hornet with a death grip and never let's go!

See The Mind-Blowing Video -- Hornet Vs. Mantis!!

Gettyimages | Kagenmi

It's Insane! For a few seconds the murder hornet puts up a fight, but quickly loses the battle as the mantis begins devouring its head while it is still alive!

As you know, the murder hornet has made huge news here in the US after it was reported it can kill humans. The bug is a roughly 2-inch long insect that has made its way to the U.S. for the first time.

It is also known as the 'Asian giant hornet' and has been known to kill up to 50 people a year in Japan. These bad boys are normally are about 2 inches long, and have large yellow-orange heads with prominent eyes.

Murder Hornets Can Kill Full-Sized Mice -- See The Video!

Gettyimages | Nicolas Reusens

The massive hornets have struck fear in the U.S. after a growing number have been spotted in Washington state.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced of a murder hornet killing a mouse, many times its size, in a matter of minutes. So, let's hope scientists somewhere have a plan to get these Mantis' the support they need to take on monsters!

BTW -- If you didn't know...Praying Mantis' are an already featured member of the insect community, as adult females are known for EATING their mate just after, or even during, mating.

Praying Mantis Is The 'Chuck Norris' Of Insects...

Gettyimages | Paul Starosta

The video, which has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, has people are Twitter going nuts! "The praying mantis is the Chuck Norris of the insect kingdom. Bad Ass!" one person wrote.

"This is why I've always loved praying mantises!! Killers of all other nasty insects but harmless to humans!! Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes," another added.

Bottom Line, "Mantises are the apex predator of most ecosystems. The only thing that would bother and mess with a mantis is usually a bird. Mantises are well equipped to handle pretty much any insect that crosses their path, from extremely difficult to escape arms and powerful razor-sharp teeth."

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