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Muhammad Ali's Company Suing Fox for $30 Million Over Super Bowl Tribute

By TheBlast Staff

Muhammad Ali's company is pissed that Fox used the late boxer's image during the introduction of Super Bowl LI, and now they're suing for $30 million.

The suit, filed by Muhammad Ali Enterprrises LLC, says Fox violated the boxer's right of publicity when they used his likeness for a promotional video immediately before the start of the 2017 Super Bowl where the New England Patriots ended up beating the Atlanta Falcons.

MAE says Ali's endorsements are the main money driver for the company, and they are vigilant at "carefully controlling the nature and frequency of his product endorsements."

Ali passed away in June 2016, eight months before the TV spot ran.

MAE says Fox never requested or received permission to run the video.

They claim Fox "could have sold the three minutes it used for its promotional video to other advertisers for $30 million."

Ali's company also wants an injunction from Fox "ever using his identity without authorization."


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