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Theaters Open, Close Abruptly

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Some theaters in China opened recently, only to abruptly close again, stoking fears of possibly another resurgence in coronavirus there, citing Variety.

Variety writes that just hours after local government officials in Shanghai allowed more than 200 movie theaters to reopen this week, China's film bureau ordered them closed again, speculating concerns that coronavirus was restarting there.

According to a joint statement Friday from national theater chains Broadway Cinemas, Cinema Palace and Premiere Cinemas:

“Having received notice from the higher level departments, movie theaters will temporarily not resume operations on March 28."

This Is a Really Long Intermission


Even though theaters were open, there weren't many running up to the ticket stands to see the latest flick. Variety says there were sometimes few, if any, people going to see a movie in China, even though theaters had been shuttered for months.

Variety cites the "Yangtze Evening News," writing:

"The news of its directive came out obliquely by via reports of its 'urgent orders' to the Jiangsu provincial film bureau that 'all theaters are temporarily not to resume business, and those that have should stop immediately.' "

It seems that any and all new cases of coronavirus in China are coming from outside sources such as people traveling into the country.

Keeping Things At Bay

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The closure may be due to the fact that someone was diagnosed with coronavirus yesterday in China. The infection was believed to be caused by local transmission, and not by "exposure to overseas cases in Zhejiang province, which borders uber-populous Shanghai and Jiangsu province," writes Variety.

The theaters in Shanghai would have been the first to open for a large metropolitan city there.

We're All Trying To Hold It Together

China is taking further steps to prevent a new flareup of the virus, like announcing a temporary ban on foreigners coming into the country.

Sha Dan, the deputy director of business development at the Beijing-based China Film Archive, wrote:

“What we need now is acceptance and understanding! Facing the epidemic, we definitely cannot be careless! Cinema industry brothers, let’s bear it a little longer!”


Someone in China commented through the social media website Weibo: “If the country doesn’t support the film industry soon, Chinese film will regress back to the previous century."

Though it was a joke, someone else agreed things may be going backwards instead of forward, saying, “That could be a good thing — there were many more good Chinese films then!”

"China recently reopened their movie theaters only to abruptly close them again yesterday. Pretty weird thing to do for a country that’s only had one new case of coronavirus in the last few days," wrote @TylerBennett248.

At this stage, no one really knows.

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