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Mother's Day may be different this year, but you can still show her the same love.

Virtual Ways To Show Mom You Care On Mother's Day

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By Emily Reily
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Show Mom You Care -- Even If You Can't Be There


Mother's Day this year will be especially challenging for many, since nearly everyone is social distancing due to the coronavirus.

It's no longer easy to just pop in on mom to say hi or grab a sandwich, and it's even more difficult if you live in a different state or region from them.

But thankfully, many of us are connected digitally through social media and Zoom. And don't forget that a surprise phone call works just as well as that pricy card or flower delivery service.

Here are a few ideas for making Mom's Day special.

A Virtual Spa Day


This can be done in a couple different ways. If you still have time to get it out in the mail, you can send her some spa materials like a face mask, bath salts, or nail polish in her favorite color, or a luxurious, high-quality pair of slippers or towels.

Then meet up with her through a special Zoom date and give yourselves the royal treatment.

If that's not doable, you can get her a gift card for a spa for that special day when lockdowns are finally lifted.

Reconnect Through Your Fave Shows

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Remember the "Cheers" line "Wouldn't you like to get away?"

Well, there are some other Zoom-style ways you can thank mom which Bustle suggests.

What if the two of you bingewatch a favorite show through Zoom -- one you both share? Maybe there's a show you watched as a kid that your parents watched with you, and it happens to be on Hulu, Netflix, etc. It's the next closest thing to being there, and really, these days most people just want to have some kind of connection with others.

Don't forget that just calling your mom on the phone can accomplish that connection too.

The More the Merrier

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

This is another Zoom-centric idea, but the service really does seem to be the most accessible and easiest way to bring people together.

Bustle suggests that if you're getting in touch with mom to say thanks for everything, you may as well set things up to have a larger-scale family reunion through Zoom.

You can make it more like a festive affair, and maybe serve drinks or have the same type of treats to bring things a little bit closer.

Give Her the Gift Of Disney


Finally, Bustle also suggests something a little different way of telling Mom you love her: a Disney+ subscription.

Disney+ has a big selection of nature documentaries to help her travel the world. There's an eight-part documentary series on Disney+ called "The National Parks," about America's parks, that shows just how diverse our land is.

If that's not her cup of tea, there's always the standby classics -- this is Disney, after all.

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