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The End Of 'Modern Family'


Modern Family is coming to an end next week after 11 seasons on ABC, and the cast is working on processing what the sitcom meant for the careers and for their lives.

In a new interview with People, Ariel Winter reflects on the end of the show and what it was like for her to grow up in the spotlight. As Winter has grown from child to woman, people have had many opinions on her body and her wardrobe, and the 22-year-old admitted:

"It’s not very easy, just because people think that just because you’re on TV, they’re entitled to your life."

Awkward Stages

Winter explained that being a child star during the age of social media was difficult.

"It’s even worse with social media, because people can just say anything they want. So that was rough because I feel like I got on social media right at the start of it becoming big, and I was really young, and people were just figuring out how to bash people online."

She also admitted that going through "awkward stages" on television was a sometimes painful process.

"It was rough going through all of my awkward stages, all of my different stages because I really changed a lot over the course of 11 years."

Getting Thicker Skin

According to Winter, growing up on in such a public way "was definitely not favorable."

"So I don’t think it’s ideal. I’m obviously grateful that I do what I do and I got to do what I did, but I do think that growing up on TV and growing up in front of millions with social media is a little rough."

Going through family drama and a very publicized breast reduction with the world watching helped Winter develop very thick skin.

"I think you learn so much over the course of 11 years, but you learn so much when you are thrust in the life of the public eye and have people’s opinions on you at every moment and people watching to catch every mistake you make or literally anything you do. I think it kind of builds a thicker skin."

Grateful For The Show

Still, despite all the downsides, Winter is eternally grateful for the job and for her incredibly supportive costars.

"Being on the show for 11 years, it’s such a blessing as an actor to be able to be employed at all, but especially be employed for that long, and to be employed with such wonderful people and to learn from such incredible actors and incredible people."

Winter also acknowledges the fact that being a child actress forced her to grow up "a little bit earlier than" she would have living a regular life.

"But, in this industry, I feel like it’s par for the course, and I feel like it’s also helped quite a bit in who I am."

The series finale of Modern Family airs on Wednesday, April 8, on ABC.

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