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Mischa Barton Sued by U-Haul Over Infamous Crash: Pay Us Or We're Selling Your Stuff!

By TheBlast Staff

Mischa Barton and U-Haul are engaged in a legal battle stemming from her infamous 2017 crash and the popular truck company is refusing to give her back her stuff — and threatening to sell it — unless she pays.

Barton and her boyfriend, Adam Spaw, crashed a rental U-Haul truck into an apartment building on February 11, 2017. According to U-Haul, Barton and Spaw abandoned the truck and its contents following the crash.

U-Haul, per their rental agreement, took possession of the items inside the truck and put them in storage. Mischa Barton has come to claim her stuff but U-Haul believes they are entitled to hold on to the contents until she pays up, which has yet to happen.

The company claims Barton and Spaw owe them for the truck rental and the storage of their stuff — $5,827.65 — and won't release the goods until they are paid.

They are suing for the right to sell the stuff at auction if Barton and Shaw don't pay up.

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