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Mischa Barton Settles Lawsuit Over Infamous U-Haul Crash

By TheBlast Staff

Mischa Barton can finally put her U-Haul accident behind her after settling a lawsuit over the crash.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the building Barton crashed into filed a notice with the court saying they reached a conditional settlement her.

It's unclear what the terms of the settlement are but Barton has until June 25 to make good on the deal. When that happens, the building will officially drop their lawsuit.

A hearing on the settlement is scheduled for next week.

As The Blast first reported, the homeowners' association for the Park Wellington recently filed documents in the case demanding they be allowed to question the actress about her "level of intoxication and mental health at the time of the accident as impacted by her hospitalization for an apparent breakdown two weeks prior to the accident."

The company referenced an incident weeks before the crash where the star of “The Hills” was hospitalized for acting incoherently (she would later claim she was drugged).

The Park Wellington Owners Association sued Barton over her infamous U-Haul crash into an apartment building back on February 11, 2017.

She had rented a U-Haul truck with her then-boyfriend, Adam Spaw, but crashed it causing damage to the building. Barton has denied all wrongdoing and blamed the building for the accident.

Mischa Barton isn't entirely done with the incident. U-Haul sued her and her boyfriend and claimed they still owe them for the truck rental and the storage of their stuff — $5,827.65 — and won’t release the goods until they are paid.

That case is still ongoing.

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