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Cyrus, Simpson Now a Pair

Miley Cyrus has been linked with many people in her love life. She was actually married to Liam Hemsworth for a time, but the two are now discussing divorce.

According to a source from heatworld:

“Miley and Liam have agreed to put their differences aside and meet for mediation talks – before their messy divorce spirals out of control. They’ve both calmed down now and Liam just wants this chapter done with, so he can move on.”

Cyrus was also recently romantically linked with Kaitlynn Carter, but now she's moved on again and is dating Australian singer Cody Simpson.

Simpson Testing the Waters

Gettyimages | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

Simpson recently released a post that was decidedly non-music related.

Simpson's Instagram message referred to recent global events like the historic flooding of Venice and wildfires in Australia.

“Australia is on fire. Venice is sinking. The system is flawed. Greed has poisoned the minds of world leaders.

More than machinery, more than economy, we need humanity. What we need is trees replanted. What we need is clean energy. What we need is sustainable industry. What are you doing today to help save our one home—the earth?”

Simpson Speaking Out About Climate Change

Simpson's Instagram video includes voiceover of historic quotes set to a sentimental piano tune.

Quotes like "we have lost the way... machinery that gives us abundance has left us in want.... we think too much and feel too little," are heard over images of animal slaughter and shots of people gathering and smiling.

One factor to climate change has been the consistent burning of fossil fuels. This includes the use of petroleum, coal and natural gas.

Is He a Hypocrite?

Giphy | chuber channel

Many fans pointed to hypocrisy with his save-the-world post.

“Really, interesting what are you actually doing today to save the world, a few more selfies maybe!!! Very contradictory," said another fan, whose message implies that Simpson is just doing all of this for the extra publicity.

The fan has a point: Since Simpson is now dating Cyrus, who has a much bigger name than he does, then it would stand to reason that he'd want to take all that publicity out for a test drive.

Fossil fuels are also used in air travel, naturally, and people pointed out that Simpson's travel as a singer flies in the face of his support for climate-change reform.

“People need to stop flying less for starters – especially first class and private. It’s the hugest fossil fuel suck and individual can do. You are suuuuch a hypocrite."

Maybe It's a Turning Point For Him

Gettyimages | Charley Gallay

One fan wanted to give him a little bit of leeway, and asked him about what else he's doing to help save the Earth.

“You have this big platform to use and I see you post endless sets of selfies, spending money on tattoos, expensive clothes… living the high life without your shirt on.

“I don’t know you personally or the way you live, but from this account this is my impression. I wonder what you’re doing other than making this post to help?”

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