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Mike Tyson Gets Technology to Actually Print Cannabis!

Smart Cups / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Mike Tyson doesn't mess around when it comes to his budding cannabis empire, and the former heavyweight champ is about to once again shock the world when he combines science and technology for a new product set to revolutionize the industry.

Tyson is getting ready to create the world's first CBD printed beverage after partnering with a company called Smart Cups to license the technology they have perfected. The breakthrough has also led to a new dosing system that will put an end to the main gripe with edible forms of cannabis.

Tyson Partners With Smart Cups

Mike Tyson / Instagram

According to a joint press release from Smart Cups and The Ranch Companies, the parent company of Tyson Ranch:

"The deal gives The Ranch Companies the ability to produce lines of ingestible cannabis products that will have accurate and consistent doses of cannabis. As ingestible forms of cannabis continue to grow as popular alternatives for many users who wish to avoid smoking, the cannabis industry has continued to battle the ongoing issue of accurate and consistent dosing through all ingestible cannabis products."

How It Works

Smart Cups / Instagram

You may not have heard of Smart Cups yet, but they're about to become a huge hit. They have basically perfected a way of encapsulating the chemical compounds for supplements and printing them on to plastic cups that only require water to be added for use.

According to the release, the ability to print the beverages allows for precise dosage measurements, which eliminates a user from over or underdosing themselves:

"The company utilizes this proprietary micro-encapsulation printing technology to deliver precise doses of beverages and currently offers a line of energy drinks printed in plant based, bioplastic cups."

The Dosing Issue

Gettyimages | LauriPatterson

Everyone has heard horror stories of people taking too much of a good thing. The Ranch CEO, and Tyson partner, Rob Hickman, explains that was the motivation to partnering with Smart Cups for their CBD products:

"Dosing has been one of the systematic issues plaguing this industry. Acquiring the science and technology to efficiently deliver consistent and accurate dosages will be a game changer in the cannabis marketplace," Hickman said in a statement.

We're told Smart Cups will also be providing "technical know-how," and clinical data collection during the partnership, which could influence future discoveries and innovations.

Delivering a Knockout

Smart Cups / Instagram

Smart Cups had been in the headlines recently after Mike Tyson was seen wearing the shirt during one of his infamous training videos. The recent partnership should only bring more notoriety to the small company based in Mission Viejo, CA.

"At Smart Cups, our technology can be easily implemented across a myriad of industries—offering an eco-forward approach to the way products are manufactured, shipped and consumed,” said Chris Kanik, Founder and CEO of Smart Cups.

Kanik added, “Smart Cups Technology will solve the dosing problem and pave the way for consistency and quality in the cannabis industry. This is another example of how we will continue to revolutionize and innovate various industries.”

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