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Mike Tyson Takes Ceremonial Toke With Rastafari Elder In Amazing Video

Tyson Ranch
By Gary Trock

Mike Tyson proved he can hang with the best of them while on his trip to Antigua during a meeting with the Rastafarian community.

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Tyson Ranch

Tyson's trip to Antigua was more than meeting with the Prime Minister and signing a huge deal to help boost tourism in the country, he was also there to help bridge the gap between the government and Rastafari people.

Tyson Ranch

The two had long been at odds, as cannabis was previously illegal in Antigua and Barbuda, and the government targeted the Rastafarian religious group for their use of the herb.

The Rastafari community has championed the many uses of cannabis, as the herb is regularly used as a sacrament in their rituals, celebrations and worship.

Last year, Prime Minister Gaston Browne formally apologized to the Rastafari for the years of persecution, and vowed to work with the community moving forward as the country moves into legislation for medicinal and other uses of cannabis.

Tyson Ranch

As we reported, Tyson Ranch has big plans in Antigua, including a cannabis-themed resort that would include production and consumption.

Seeing as the Rastafari are so deeply rooted in Antigua, it only made sense for the former heavyweight champion to meet with one of the local elders and pay his respects.

In the incredible video, obtained by The Blast, Mike Tyson is seen breaking bread with the elder, who is dressed in a military uniform.

Sources at the meeting tell us things started off tense, but Tyson was able to get a hold of the situation and gained the admiration and trust of the elder and community.

After the man spoke about dealing with struggle, Tyson wisely told him, "Without struggle there's no progress."

Tyson Ranch

The two celebrated by packing up a huge pipe with cannabis, and then the Rastafarians chanted a prayer while the bowl of the pipe was lit with embers from a nearby fire.

"The God of ganja is here, at the Rasta camp!" Tyson proclaimed excitedly as they prepared to smoke.

Tyson Ranch

Afterwards, Tyson joined the Rastafarians as they danced and celebrated.

The blessing from the Rastafari community is great news for Tyson Ranch as they prepare to begin doing big business in the country.

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