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'Bachelorette' Creator Mike Fleiss Claims Wife Has Disappeared With Their Son, Says She Attacked Him

By Daniel Goldblatt

Mike Fleiss says his estranged wife Laura attacked him, and not the other way around, and claims she has disappeared with their son since the alleged incident happened.

The "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" creator is responding to Laura Fleiss' claim that he attacked her during an argument where she claims he was forcing her to have an abortion.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Fleiss claims that he and Laura had agreed not to have a second child and Fleiss believed she was on birth control. He says he "did not want to have another child as Laura had issues with emotional stability and had a difficult time caring for Ben when he was a baby."

Fleiss claims that on Father's Day, Laura told him she was pregnant. When he questioned her about being on birth control, he says she told him it was not always effective.

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It wasn't until July 3 that Fleiss claims he learned Laura lied and was never on birth control. He says he "learned that she lied to me in order to get pregnant so she could have another baby even though we agreed not to."

He says that Laura admitted to lying and sent him several text messages apologizing for lying (see above and below).

Fleiss claims that he was concerned that if Laura lied about being on birth control, she might be lying about other things, so he asked her to see her phone.

On July 6 (the day Laura claims Mike attacked her) he again asked to see her phone and she refused. He says, "I was concerned about whether there were other things she was hiding from like a relatioship with another man. I wanted to be sure she was not having an affair and that the baby she was carrying was mine."

Fleiss claims that Laura would not hand over the phone, so he took it from her. That's when, he claims, Laura "immediately attacked me so I ran out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and outside to my car."

He says that as he was making his way out of the home, Laura was "pounding on me with her fists, jumping on my back, and trying to get the phone back."

Fleiss says he was eventually able to leave the home and drove away. He disputes her claim that he shoved her away as he drove off, instead claiming that he backed away slowly and eventually "she jumped back out of the truck."

Laura used photos from security footage (see above) to back up her claims but Fleiss says he believes the video shows that "once I ran out of the house and Laura followed me, continuing to attack me."

Fleiss says he was in communication with Laura in the days after the incident and did not learn until three days later that she filed a police report against him.

He says that he last heard from Laura on July 9 (he says he left Hawaii for Los Angeles for a work commitment) and that he has "no idea where she or Ben are."

"Due to Laura's historical emotional instability," Fleiss says, "I am concerned about her and our son while in her care. I want to make sure they are safe."

As The Blast first reported, Laura was granted her temporary restraining order against Mike Fleiss and a hearing on the matter is scheduled for next month.

The Blast reached out to reps for "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" but they have yet to respond.

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