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Another Michael Jackson backup singer was revealed today.

'Facts Of Life' 's Mindy Cohn Sang Backup On Michael Jackson's 'PYT'

Gettyimages | AFP
By Emily Reily

"Facts Of Life" actress Mindy Cohn says she was one of the backup singers on Michael Jackson's hit 1982 song "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)."

The revelation happened on Saturday during Marjorie “DJ Mad Marj” Gubelmann’s dance party on Twitch.

Cohn was likely there to talk about her newest movie, A Nice Girl Like You, which co-stars Lucy Hale and Jackie Cruz.

Gubelmann was playing the song "PYT" when Cohn, who was in the virtual chat, said she can be heard on the track.

Mindy Cohn played Natalie on "The Facts Of Life."
Gettyimages | NBC Television

“Me and Janet. And I’m the kids at the end, too. We went to listen to the record and Quincy Jones put us on the mike,” Cohn told Marj.

Quincy Jones was the producer for Thriller, Michael Jackson's best-selling album. "P.Y.T" was the sixth single off the album, released on Sept. 19, 1983.

The backup singers have originally been credited as Jackson's sisters, Janet and La Toya. The only thing the girls sing in the background is the phrase "na na na na," to represent the PYTs, but that's all the song needed for that little extra something.

Mindy Cohn says she was a backup singer for "P.Y.T."
Twitter / Mindy Cohn

Cohn then said she had proof: “Have to post the pic on Instagram of the session … It’s kinda wild!”

She posted the picture more than a year ago, as she shared memories of James Ingram, who had recently died.

"On difficult days, i remind myself that i’m living a life chock full of serendipity, having once in a lifetime experiences all the time... like this one: recording session for PYT #thriller @michaeljackson @quincydjones @janetjackson @kimfieldsofficial @_jamesingram #rip"

Actress Mindy Cohn says she's one of the backup singers for "PYT."
Instagram / Mindy Cohn

And the photo she posted pretty much backs her up. In the picture, she's standing directly behind Jackson, while Jones is to Jackson's right. On the right-hand side of the photo is singer James Ingram, who helped craft the song with Jones.

"P.Y.T." went up to number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was the sixth Top 10 hit from Thriller. "P.Y.T." was on the charts for 16 weeks.

Giphy | absurdnoise

Given that she posted the photo months ago for a condolence message, and the fact that she's clearly visible in the background, it would seem the claim is legit.

damiano418 wrote: "How cool is that!!!"

At the time she posted the picture, commenters seemed more intrigued by Cohn's bright blue satin jacket, a look that was all the rage in the '80s.

"Please tell me that you still have that jacket, because I’d like to borrow it! 💙❤️" said mbkinsights.

stevecharleslong wrote: "Wow this is such a fantastic pic. I miss satin jackets!"

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