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It's All Coming Back Up

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The relationship between alleged sex offender Harvey Weinstein and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is getting extra scrutiny for obvious reasons. It's common knowledge the two have known each other for years.

Weinstein is facing several allegations of rape and sexual assault in a trial that's been widely covered by the media. Some of the charges hail from as far back as 1994, when actress Annabella Sciorra alleges he raped her. Weinstein says it was consensual.

Helping Each Other Out

A video from 2013 is again circulating in which Bloomberg introduces Harvey Weinstein and his brother, Bob. At the event, Harvey Weinstein thanked Bloomberg, who was then mayor of New York City, for his efforts during the economic recession of 2009.

The video was shared by the "Daily Caller."

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At the 2013 event, Weinstein says:

“I called our mayor, and I just said, ‘you know, things are a little topsy-turvy here at the company, you know, we’d be moving jobs to California and we don’t want to leave New York City.’ And the mayor, extremely busy as he was with so many more important things, dropped a lot of things and got it done for us.

“And I don’t think Bob [Weinstein] and I would be on this stage if the mayor wasn’t there for us, so thank you, mayor.”

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Bloomberg campaign spokesperson Julie Wood spoke to the "Daily Caller" and explained that this was long before the #MeToo movement began.

According to Wood:

“This video is from four years before the truth about Harvey Weinstein was known, when he was known for helping raise tens of millions of dollars for 9/11 responders and for helping to spur Lower Manhattan’s rebirth.

This video shows New York City thanking Weinstein for his role in that, and again, it was four years before the truth about Harvey was known.”

Weinstein Could Face Life In Prison

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Sciorra, who appeared on "Sopranos," alleges that Weinstein came in to her apartment in Manhattan and began to rape her and forcibly perform oral sex on her. Weinstein says it was all consensual.

The accusations from Sciorra are the foundation of some of the most serious charges against Weinstein in the current case. The two counts of predatory sexual assault that Weinstein is facing could lead to life in prison.

'Maybe They Didn't Like a Joke I Told'

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Bloomberg himself came under fire during the last presidential debate, when candidate Elizabeth Warren brought up the sexual harassment allegations against him. Warren noted that his company used non-disclosure agreements in some of those cases, and sought to show what the culture at Bloomberg LP was like. Bloomberg was the CEO there.

Bloomberg responded by saying the complaints about his conduct stemmed from a joke he told that they didn't like, and added that those non-disclosure agreements were "consensual."

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