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Melania Trump Statue In Slovenia Is Truly Horrifying

By Gary Trock

The children in Slovenia now have a new monster to haunt their dreams as a life-sized wooden statue of Melania Trump has been erected in the small European country.

The statue, carved by amateur chainsaw artist Alex "Maxi" Zupevc, was placed near the First Lady's hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia.

It was commissioned by American artist, Brad Downey, a Kentucky-born conceptual artist known for public pranks. However, he has insisted the statue of Melania was not meant to be a joke.

Zupevc and Trump were actually born in the same hospital back in April 1970. He carved the statue out of a felled Linden tree near his home and filmed the entire ordeal on YouTube.

He promised the monument would "have her eyes and waving arm," and also added, "her legs will look even better."

As for what Mrs. Trump is wearing for the statue, Zupevc chose her famous sky blue Ralph Lauren dress from President Donald Trump's 2017 inauguration.

After revealing the statute, many fans immediately began to comment on it's unconventional beauty.

"It's a disgrace," one fan commented, while another wrote that Melania has "never looked better."

The artist is defending his piece amid the criticism, and said, "People might laugh at the aesthetics of the monument, but the context plays a very important role."

He added, "This is not the random positioning of a monument. People may laugh, but the context still resonates."


Melania has not commented yet on the work of art, but she has definitely become a hometown hero in Slovenia after ascending to the title of First Lady of the United States of America.

After President Trump was elected, the country had tons of celebrations in honor of Melania.

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