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Everyone Thinks Melania Trump's 9/11 Coat Showed Plane Flying Into Tower

By Gary Trock

Melania Trump has sparked a huge online controversy after many believed the trim in a dress she wore during a 9/11 memorial appeared to show a plane flying into a tower.

Melania joined President Donald Trump Wednesday during a tribute photo to September 11, and was seen standing at an overlook while wearing a long dark coat trimmed in white thread.

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The words "Never Forget" were imprinted along the photograph as the President and First Lady looked out over a foggy landscape.

Instead of appreciating the photo for what it was, many noticed the stitching on Melania's coat appeared to resemble a plane flying into a tower.

" that a plane crashing into one of the twin towers in the back of Melania’s coat?!?" one Twitter user asked.

Another person pointed out the resemblance to the Washington Monument: "I’m sure I’m not the first one to spot this but who in the world thought it was a good idea for Melania to wear this coat in the 9/11 photo. It legit looks like an object is flying into a tower or the Washington Monument."

Others tried to defend the First Lady, merely pointing out the fashion mix-up as a button on the flap of the coat.

"Melania‘s jacket has the Washington monument stitching with a button flap on lower back. Very cool coat," one person wrote.

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