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Mel B Reveals Major Money Issues In Custody War, Says She's Been "Unemployed For Quite Some Time"

By Mike Walters

'Spice Girls' singer Mel B has revealed she has some major money issues in her ongoing custody case after her ex-husband accused her of missing child and spousal support payments.

In new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, ex-husband Stephen Belafonte alleged Mel B owed back payments for support that are due each month. At this point, Stephen claims he is owed at least $20,000. So, he is asking a judge to force Mel B to set up an account and have her deposit $250,000 to ensure she will make the future payments.

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Mel B Says She Is Unemployed...

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

Mel B responded saying she can't afford to set up the account, and she doesn't owe anything in back support anyways. "In fact, it is my understanding that Melanie has never missed a payment for child support, and has always paid her obligation," her lawyer said in the filing. Adding, "Accordingly, Stephen cannot demonstrate the requisite “good cause” to establish a security deposit account for child support."

Mel B's filing then dropped this bombshell, "Stephen knows full well that Melanie has been unemployed for quite some time and does not have several hundred thousand dollars on hand to deposit into an account for Stephen to do as he pleases."

'Spice Girl' Says She Has Made ALL Support Payments

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But, Mel B is adamant she has made all payments due in support and accusing her of "child and spousal support obligations have been delayed or remain unpaid" he lawyer replied, "this statement is patently untrue. Melanie has never missed a single monthly obligation owed for child or spousal support."

The 'Spice Girls' singer worked for several seasons on 'America's Got Talent' but has not worked for the show for some time.

It was reported,Mel B's ex has filed to get FULL custody of the couple's 8-year-old daughter, Madison, claiming Mel B's has basically abandoned her by moving to England.

Ex-Husband Files For Full Custody Of Their Daughter

Giphy | America's Got Talent

Stephen claims he has been the primary caregiver of their daughter for several years now and is requesting Mel B get visitations in Los Angeles going forward.

In his custody filing, Stephen claims he is trying to protect Madison from Mel's alleged verbal and psychological abuse. He claims at the end of one of Mel B's time with the girl, "her mother would make her sit in a dark room and repeatedly question her over and over and demand answers from her," about Belafonte.

A judge will ultimately make the decision in this case.

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