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Mel B Scares Tesco Foods CEO By Calling Him Out For Possibly Using Her Image Without Permission

By Jeff Mazzeo

The reason Mel B's nickname is Scary Spice is because it is really scary when she calls you out on social media in front of her millions of fans.

The Spice Girl took to Instagram on Monday and shared a picture of a Tesco Foods advertisement that featured a young Mel B and a speech bubble that said, "Stop right now." "Can the CEO OF @tescofood DAVE LEWIS PLEASE CONTACT ME URGENTLY. Thank you," Mel B wrote in the caption of her post.

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What is Tesco Foods?

Giphy | Tesco

Tesco Foods is one of the biggest retailers in the world and has stores in seven countries across Asian and Europe. It is a British company and boasts to be the market leader of groceries in the UK. The company reportedly pulled out of the United States in 2013 but has seen growth in other markets across the globe.

Mel B called out the CEO of Tesco Foods, Dave Lewis, who took over the company in 2014. This recent Spice Girls fiasco comes at the most unfortunate time because he just announced that he would be stepping down in 2020. If Mel waited until next year, she would be calling out Ken Murphy, who is set to take over the CEO role.

Mel Explains Herself To Fans

Giphy | America's Got Talent

Mel did not just fire the post up and forget about it. She took the time to interact with fans in the comment section of her post.

"Oh sh** ....... not good," a follower said. Mel quickly agreed with the fan and said, "not good at ALL."

"go and get your Paper Gurl," an encouraging fan exclaimed, but not every follower backed the star up. "She doesn’t even own her face. The people who own her probably signed off on this and she has no clue," the rude fan wrote. "I manage my self FYI," Mel replied.

Another fan wrote, "Someone f**ked right up!" The star responded to this statement with one word. "Yup," the Spice Girl said in the perfect response. One fan hilariously commented, "Guess what they want, really really want is a lawsuit hun."

The Spice Girls' Old Tesco Ad

Giphy | Tesco

The Spice Girls did appear in an approved ad back in the day. The whole crew stared in a Christmas commercial for the grocery store chain in 2007. The ad was to promote that it is possible to do all your holiday shopping at the stores and showed all of the Spice Girls pushing carts while buying gifts for each other.

The thought of Posh Spice pushing around her own cart in a common grocery store is insane and that is what makes the ad so effective. Near the end of the commercial, Mel covers her face with a robot voice changer mask and says, "Merry Christmas" to Posh. The mask was trying to hide Mel's identity so Victoria Beckham would not know they shop at the same store.

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