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Mel B, Please Explain

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Spice Girl Mel B posted a bizarre picture of herself taking a shower with her dog, and people are wondering what the hell is going on.

Just Giving the Dog a Bath

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"Showering cookie for my show tonight....yippeee," Mel B wrote in the Instagram caption, adding the hash tags #brutallyhonest #clean #dogs #show and #ready.

Nasty Comments Should Come As No Surprise

There isn't any nudity per se -- there is nothing obscene to see here. But it's clear that Mel B is naked and in the shower, so take from that what you will.

"please cover up," molesta69 said simply, while others were a bit less modest.

"Your so sexy mel," said jessehockey88.

"Are u on a vibrator," asked leonmoodley4.


It's For the Health Of the Dog, Possibly


tobaccodad2019 had a warning for Mel: "Just wait until PETA hears about this."

But is she doing anything wrong? Some don't think so.

"Little dogs often have water anxiety," said one person on Instagram in an attempt to explain the semi-racy photo.

Another follower tried to just shut down the naysayers, though it probably won't do any good.

"Either don't follow or if you're not following just move on and don't comment then. No one cares about your shite input."

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