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Meghan McCain Hints She's Voting For Biden: 'The Trumps Are Always Making My Mom Cry'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Meghan McCain may be swinging her vote to the blue side of things during the next presidential election.

The former "The View" host appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen on Wednesday and made a shocking revelation that may not be that shocking if you follow the political drama between the Trumps and the McCains. The families' dynamics are not quite to Hatfield–McCoy status but they are getting there. Cohen, being the master interview that he is, asked Meghan the hard-hitting question that everyone wants to know.

"Now that Biden is the presumptive nominee, will you be voting for him?" Andy asked.

"I love him dearly," Mcain said. "I keep telling everyone, 'I promise you that you will know who I'm voting for' but it really shouldn't take a rocket scientist to know that there's one man who has made my life a living hell and another man that has literally shepherded me through the grief process."

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'Making My Mom Cry'

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Andy continued to press the political influencer and asked if it will be the first time someone from the McCain family votes for a democrat. She did her best to skirt the question but her answer was pretty clear.

"The Trumps are always making my mom cry," she continued. "Politics is personal too."

"I think character is really important in this moment," Meghan explained. "Someone who can tamp down fear and anger instead of making it worse."

The Backstory


Meghan's dad, John McCain was the Republican Senator from Arizona from 1987 till 2018 when he passed away from brain cancer. He was well respected across the aisle and generally well-liked by everyone he came in contact with. Senator McCain was very vocal about his criticism of President Trump. In 2015 the 45th president was quoted saying that he didn't feel that Senator McCain was a hero after being captured and held during the Vietnam war. "I like people who weren’t captured," Trump reportedly said.

Meghan and her sister, Bridget asked the President to stop insulting their father in March of 2019.

“If I had told my dad seven months after you’re dead, you’re gonna be dominating the news and all over Twitter, he would think it was hilarious that our president was so jealous of him that he was dominating the news cycle in death as well,” Meghan said on "The View." “There are kids committing suicide because of cyberbullying online, there are people going through rough times. There are veterans who come back — we have 20 veterans a day committing suicide. Focus on these issues. These are the issues I beg the White House to pay attention to.”

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