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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Will Reportedly Start Making $1 MILLION Per Speech!!

By Mike Walters

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a plan for being financially independent and RICH, after reportedly signing up to start raking in $ 1 Million per speaking engagement.

That's right! The Royals are preparing for their final separation from The Royal Family, by beginning to earn huge sums of money by taking part in public and private speeches sessions. Each speech will net the famous couple in the seven figures!

According to multiple reports, Meghan and Harry have signed with top tier agency which specializes in this area.

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Former Royal Couple Signs With Barack Obama's Speech Agency!


Last week, the couple signed with the prestigious speaking agency 'Harry Walker Agency' -- which other high-end clients include Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and even Oprah Winfrey.

The agency focuses on landing over $1 Million PER SPEECH for famous clients like this list of important people.

As you can imagine, Harry and Meghan fit right in!

According to one report, the couple will start by speaking about "relate to topics that are important in their lives—and in the world."

There's More...

It's Financial Independence Time!


“Topics will largely relate to the social issues the world is facing now including racial justice and gender equity, mental health, issues impacting women and girls and the environment—as well as the intersectional nature of these issues. … Many of the areas and topics covered in these conversations will be related to the foundation and mission of Archewell, their new organization housing their philanthropic endeavors," it was reported.

As you know, the former royal Duke and Duchess have been preparing for complete financial independence since leaving England to live in the United States.

Meghan & Harry Already Worth A Reported $30 MILLION!


So, the speaking engagements, along with voice over work and documentary projects will make up their primary source of income.

FYI -- Meghan and Harry are reportedly already worth $30 Million, so they have a head start!

Meghan Markle's net worth is close to $5 million while Prince Harry brought about $25 million into the marriage. According to or reports, the Prince's money is comprised of his inheritance from Princess Diana, and an annual allowance from his father Prince Charles.

So, where do we sign up?!!

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