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A woman who works as a flight attendant has signed with a talent agency as Meghan Markle's double, given she looks almost exactly like her.

Christine Mathis, who's from New Jersey, says she gets stopped several times a day by people who think she's the Duchess of Sussex. People also apparently told her she looked like Markle when the former actress was on "Suits," so this wasn't a spur of the moment decision.

"I started getting mistaken for Meghan years ago when I worked in first-class – passengers would stop me and say I looked like 'that girl from Suits. She's absolutely stunning, so it's definitely a compliment," she says.

Spitting Image

It's gone as far as to interfere with her daily life, in that people thought she was royalty until she showed her passport, which proved otherwise.

"I flew from LA to New York for work one day and security thought that I was her until they checked my passport which was hilarious. I also had a mole removed and my dermatologist was convinced that I was Meghan and just using a fake name to get the work done secretly!"

Royal Treatment

She says she gets stopped at least 10 times a day during her job as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. And since Markle has grown in popularity through her ties to the royals, the questions Mathis got only intensified.

"When she started dating Harry, I was getting stopped more and more, and when they got married, it became a daily occurrence of people asking me if I was Meghan," Mathis said.

So why not lean into it?

"I've wanted to be an actress ever since I was a little girl and people are so convinced that I am actually Meghan that I thought why not see if I can get some jobs pretending to be her,” Mathis says, according to South West News Service.

Her recent photo shoot with a Prince Harry lookalike will make you do a double take.

"I only just signed up to an agency, and have already done a shoot with a Prince Harry lookalike which was a lot of fun but also weird pretending to be with another guy!" she said.

Mathis says she sees a "resemblance" too, of course, and points to their varied lines of heritage as the reason for the physical similarities.

“Meghan and I are both mixed-race – my dad is African American and Italian and her mom is African American,” she says.

It seems to make her job as a flight attendant a lot more interesting.

"Passengers always tell me I look like her and say to me 'You're married to a prince, why are you working as an air hostess?' It happens so often but I really don't mind it, she's an amazing woman so it's really flattering to be mistaken for being her," she says.

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