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Megan Thee Stallion Shuts Down Waka Flocka’s 'Ignorant' Comments On Tory Lanez Shooting

By Ryan Naumann

Megan Thee Stallion had no time for Waka Flocka trying to make excuses for Tory Lanez shooting her.

Earlier today, Akademiks posted a screenshot of an Instagram story posted by some rapper named Cash Talk. His ignorant message read, “Megan 6 Feet, Tory 5’2. We don’t know what the hell happen in that car! Y’all know females be tripping and shit!!! All these cap ass rappers picking a side like little biches and shit.”

Waka Flocka commented on the post with the 100 emoji. His comment caught the eye of Megan who replied, “He didn’t make it past the 9th grade I expect nothing less coming out of his mouth.”


One fan added, “He SHOT her! He didn’t fight her, he didn’t slap her, he SHOT HER! Unless she had a weapon of some sort, IDGAF if she’s 7’9, he pulled out a GUN and SHOT her. There is no excuse for that. Period!” Another called Waka’s comments “ignorant”

Megan continues to be supported by countless celebrities. Over the weekend, NBA star JR Smith wrote this message to everyone still supporting Tory. He wrote, “This clown shoots a female an y’all listening to his music like its ok! TF @torylanez you a straight clown an tell who ever to hit my line it’s whatever.”


Michael B. Jordan wrote, “Meg I admire your courage and applaud you for speaking up. We must Support Black Women, Protect Black Women and Believe Black Women.”

As The Blast previously reported, Tory recently liked a post blaming Megan for being shot by him.

NFL player Larry Johnson tweet, “Ladies, if you date a man who coined the term “Demon Time,” and you get shot by him during Demon Hours, be accountable for YOUR stupidity. #ToreyLanez” Tory liked the message and was quickly torn to shreds by fans.

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