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Megan Thee Stallion Looks Like A Sweet Snack With Dangerous Curves and Rainbow Colored Hair

By Jeff Mazzeo

Megan Thee Stallion will brighten anyone’s day... especially with her candy-colored hair.

The rapper put her dangerous curves on display on Sunday to show her support for the gay community. The rainbow has long been a sign of solidarity for gay people and Megan showed her support by mixing up her hairstyle. Megan wore a tight matching set of Champion tights and a crop top. The unique color of her outfit matched a certain hue that she used in her hair.

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Showing Her Colors


"Happy pride month hotties 😛,” she captioned her colorful post.

Megan actually hit the streets to take part in the Pride Parade and shared some snaps from her experience.

"Today was a good day 💙 #allblacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter,” she wrote.

Meg posed with some fans and marched with her friends. She wore a blue face mask that went perfectly with her outfit and was on the frontlines to prove her dedication to equality and the cause.

She Won't Stay Silent


She also expressed her anger after the death of Rayshard Brooks. She shared an artistic drawing of his profile and said how she felt about the police-involved shooting that claimed his life.

"Falling asleep in a Wendy’s drive through is NOT punishable by death. When we start cutting tf up I don’t wanna hear what’s not acceptable on our part ... #justiceforrayshard #rayshardbrooks,” she said.

Hot Girl Meg has been using her platform to spread awareness about the injustice in this country and encouraged all her fans to vote.

Congrats 2020 Grads!


Earlier this month, she celebrated the class of 2020 by going full “Savage.” She nailed the viral dance to the remix with Beyonce and busted a move to show the grads that their accomplishments won’t be forgotten. The "Savage" section was part of a 9 minute concerted she did on YouTube in honor of all those people that didn't have a chance to walk and receive their diploma.

"Did you catch us celebrating the class of 2020? #dearclassof2020,” she captioned her sultry dance with her squad.

It Pays To Look This Good


Name a better person to be an ambassador for Rihanna's SavageXFenty lingerie line... we'll wait! Meg was stoked about cashing in on all her savagery and she through on a few sultry sets of lingerie to show her appreciation for the endorsement deal.

"Thee savage for savage 😈," she wrote on social media.

She's obviously very proud of the deal because she used #savagextheestallion #gettingpaid. When you are that talented and look that good, people pay you just to look that good... not a bad gig!

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