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Meek Mill BLASTS Criminal Justice System For 'Privilege' In Treatment Of Lori Loughlin

By Mike Walters

Meek Mill is joining a growing number of celebrities who are not happy with the way the criminal justice system has seemingly given actress Lori Loughlin a light sentence and easier way to do her time, and he isn't having it!

The 'Otherside Of America' rapper went off on Instagram shining a light on what he believes in unfair treatment of others in the system who don't get afforded the same treatment as Lori Loughlin.

Meek Mill reposted a message from Lebron James who was just as upset by the reports that the 'Full House' actress is being allowed to choose her own prison for the two-month sentence she received.

See His Message...

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Meek Mill Joins Lebron James In Questioning The Lori Loughlin Sentence


Both Meek and King James took to their social media pages to speak out on the issue. To start, Meek Mill shared a heartbreaking story of a Black woman who recieved 10 years behind bars for trying to help her son.

“Now let’s get her out of jail and stop letting these “folks” step on us like animals!!!! Is she still in prison? #tanyamcdowell she got 12 years for trying to get her child better schooling!! NOW GO LOOK AT MY LAST POST!!! @reform let’s help her anyway we can!” he wrote.

As for Lebron, he called out Loughlin for being able to have the luxury of choosing where she spends her two-month prison sentence in the college bribery scandal.

Celebrities React To Loughlin Getting To Pick 'Prison Of Her Choice'


Lebron specifically reacted to a Vanity Fair headline, saying 'Lori Loughlin Will Get To Serve Her Two-Month Sentence at the Prison Of Her Choice.

"Of her what!!??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I’m laughing cause sometimes you have to just to stop from crying! 🤦🏾‍♂️. Don’t make no damn sense to me. We just want the same treatment if committed of same crime that’s all. Is that asking for to much??? Let me guess, it is huh. Yeah I know!! We’ll just keep pushing forward and not expecting the handouts! STRONG, BLACK & POWERFUL! 🙏🏾✊🏾👑 " the Lakers wrote.

50 Cent: Yeah, That Sounds About White!

Sky News

The NBA legend has used his platform to cast light on racial disparities in the U.S. in general, and other celebrities joined him in pointing out the 'privilege' given to Loughlin in this case.

50 Cent commented, “yeah that sounds about white, I have never [heard] of that before. You going to jail but pick anyone you want to go to. LOL this is so f---ed up."

Actress Viola Davis said, “Whaaaaat???!!! Uh… is it punishment if you get chose? Is she going to chose her meal program, too??!!"

Rapper T.I. added “Sounds about white.”

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