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Season 3? Maybe


While we're well under way with Season 2 of "Mayans M.C.", we're still up in the air about whether we'll get a Season 3 of the "Sons Of Anarchy" spinoff.

'Mayans M.C.' Still Grabbing Audiences


So far there has been no confirmation of a Season 3. But that's no reason why nothing has been set in stone yet.

"Mayans M.C." began September with 1.4 million viewers, so there's definitely a solid audience for the spinoff.

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown

Even though Kurt Sutter has been fired from "Mayans," that shouldn't take away from the success of the show, though it does represent a bump in the road.

Sutter recently explained why he thinks he was fired, and it had to do with a certain tasteless joke he wanted to run on the show.

That Joke Was Really Not Funny

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

He explains:

"There was supposed to be a really gnarly playground out front. Filled with debris, dangerous looking swings, sharp objects, rusty jungle gym, etc. As they exited, Coco sees EZ’s distracted and says: Lighten up, Boy Scout, and gesturing to the playground, says, 'We’re going to Disneyland.' EZ replies: 'Yeah? Guess this is where Walt buried all the Jews he had killed.' Coco comments: 'That’s dark man...' And exits," Sutter says.


The backlash to that only prompted Sutter to get even more disrespectful to Disney. It kind of sounds like he wanted to get fired:

"The Walt joke was like, okay, you want something to complain about? Here you go. I knew that would at least force a few people to call their supervisors," he said.

Maybe "Mayans M.C." will be better off without him anyway.

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