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The Big Reveal

Giphy | Mayans M.C.

We now know who the father of Adelita's baby is, and fans were overjoyed.

They Were Made For Each Other

Giphy | Mayans M.C.

During the pivotal scene, Angel expresses frustration that Adelita won't reveal who the father is.

Adelita turns the tables on him, referencing the fact that Angel has trouble communicating as well -- he hasn't talked with his brother or father in quite a while, putting Adelita in a similar situation.

Was It Who You Expected?


This wasn't an outright affirmation, but it was apparently enough for most fans.

One viewer sought more proof, saying, "I’m still questioning that baby’s paternity. I need factual confirmation that it’s Angel’s #MayansFX."

We'll see if more baby-reveal news is leaked in later episodes.

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