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The Best Joey Moments From 'Friends' To Celebrate Matt LeBlanc's Birthday!

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By Whitney Vasquez

“How you doin'?”

Matt LeBlanc is turning 52! That's right, before it was Wendy Williams' catchphrase, it was made famous by Joey Tribbiani!

It's been 25 year since we've seen LeBlanc play his iconic pizza loving character on "Friends" and we still can't let it go.

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When the 1994 premiere episode aired, LeBlanc quickly became a fan favorite and still holds that spot with many Central Perk fans to this day.

So, in honor of LeBlanc turning the big 5-2 on Thursday, here's a bunch of times he made us literally pee our pants ... yes, he's that good!

When Joey Learned French


Everyone remembers the episode where Joey tried to learn French for an audition, right?

He seeks the help of Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) and every word he attempts to mimic back comes out like mush.

"Bleh, Bloo, Blah, Blay?"

'Joey Doesn't Share Food!'


Four little words that pack so much punch.


When Joey Used 'Moo Point'


That time when Joey confused "moot point" with "moo point" and his explanation actually made total sense.

That Time Joey Wore ALL Chandler's Clothes

Giphy | TV Land Classic

When Joey got fed up with Chandler hiding his underwear, so he put on every piece of clothing Chandler owned.

"You hid my clothes? I'm wearing everything you own."

Such an iconic line!

When Joey Ruined Thanksgiving


Remember when Joey stuck his head in the turkey to scare Chandler (played by Matthew Perry) and it got stuck?

Yes, Courteney Cox's character, Monica, never forgot it too.

Joey Sucked on 'Pyramid'


This scene never disappoints.

When Joey appears on the game show "Pyramid" and has no flipping idea how to play.

Gets us every time!

Joey Ditched Brooke Shields


Fans can't forgot that time Brooke Shields played Erika, aka Drake Ramoray's stalker.

Drake was Joey's claim to TV fame and Erika totally lost it when she couldn't handle the brutal truth that he was just plain old Joey.

Happy Birthday, Matt LeBlanc!!


Thanks for all the laughs over the years ... here's to many more!

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