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Lauer Defends Himself In Letter

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Former NBC "Today" show host Matt Lauer has written an open letter to address what he says are the "false and salacious allegations" against him, as a new book details his alleged rape of former NBC employee Brooke Nevils.

Farrow's Book, Catch And Kill,' Out Soon

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Lauer is referring to Ronan Farrow's latest book "Catch And Kill," in which past NBC employee Brooke Nevils alleges he anally raped her during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Lauer was later fired amid reports of sexual assault. One report was that Lauer had a button in his office that locked his door from the inside.

NBC 'Obstructive' As Story Was Being Reported

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Farrow's book also claims that executives at NBC played down the allegations against Lauer, and that they were "obstructive" as the story was initially being reported.

Lauer: His Silence 'A Mistake'

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In the lengthy letter, Lauer says he stayed silent too long about what he says was an "extramarital affair" with Nevils, and adds that her claims are all in the name of selling a book.

Lauer also refutes Nevils' claims that he raped her, saying everything was consensual:

"We engaged in a variety of sexual acts. We performed oral sex on each other, we had vaginal sex, and we had anal sex. Each act was mutual and completely consensual."

Lauer On the Attack

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Lauer continues, saying that he's trying to atone for his mistakes and said he didn't come out to say anything originally because, among other things, he didn't want more press to camp out near his driveway. Toward the end of the letter, Lauer provides a bulleted list of his previous points, and ends with a salvo: "I will no longer provide them the shelter of my silence."

">For two years, the women with whom I had extramarital relationships have abandoned shared responsibility, and instead, shielded themselves from blame behind false allegations. They have avoided having to look a boyfriend, husband, or a child in the eye and say, “I cheated.” They have done enormous damage in the process. And I will no longer provide them the shelter of my silence."

Read more of the letter here.

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