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Matt Damon Says Ben Affleck Is 'Doing Great' After Sobriety Slip-Up

By Jeff Mazzeo

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been friends for a long time and Matt gave an update to Entertainment Tonight about how Ben is doing following his recent relapse.

"He’s looking great, and he’s doing great," Damon said. "We’ve been working together on this screenplay, and … he’s just doing great." Affleck attended the UNICEF Masquerade Ball in West Hollywood and TMZ published a video showing the actor struggling to walk and nearly falling on the way to his ride after the party. He was hanging out with musician Katie Cherry, who he reportedly met on the celebrity dating app, Raya.

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Ben Affleck Protected Matt Damon In A Childhood Fight


Damon said he is busy with lots of projects, included Ben and his new screenplay, but he is also promoting his new movie, "Ford v Ferarri" which also stars Christian Bale.

Matt recently stopped by "Conan" and told the story of how the two life-long friends met. "I mouthed off to this kid that I knew," Damon told Conan O'Brien, "but he was like your [Conan’s] height, like six-foot-six, and I might have been five-three at the time, and I said something. So before I knew it, it was like I was on the ground, he was above me, and I was like, 'This is gonna be bad.'"

Damon continued to tell of how the "Batman" actor became a real-life superhero. "It was right then that little five-foot-two Ben Affleck tackled this dude off of me, like out of nowhere. I was, like, a junior and he was, like, a freshman, and he tackled this kid off of me, literally at the risk of his own life."

"But I remember that was a big moment, going like, 'This guy, he will put himself in a really bad spot for me.' Like, 'This is a good friend to have.'" he said.

His Slip-up Won't Hold Him Back


The day after Affleck appeared to fall off the wagon, TMZ caught up with the star when he stopped by his ex Jennifer Garner's house. He told their cameraman, "It happens, it’s a slip, but I’m not going to let it derail me," he said. Ben has been to rehab multiple times throughout the years. He struggled with his sobriety in the '90s and has had treatment as recent as 2018.

Affleck sat down with the "Today Show" back in March and discussed how alcoholism does not just go away. "Being an alcoholic, it’s part of my life, it’s something that I deal with. It doesn’t have to subsume my whole identity and be everything, but it is something that you have to work at."

Matt And Ben's New Screenplay

Damon was photographed leaving Affleck's house with a script and a book in his hand back in July. After doing some digging, we learned that the book is called "The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France'' by Eric Jager.

Is this the screenplay Matt was referring to when he gave the update on Ben? "The Last Duel" details the events surrounding the last officially recognized judicial duel fought in France. It tells the story of the December 29, 1386 trial by combat between Norman knight Jean de Carrouges and the squire Jacques Le Gris. Sounds pretty cool.

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