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Matt Barnes Accuses Gloria Govan of Assault With a Deadly Weapon, False Imprisonment

By TheBlast Staff

Matt Barnes claims the fight with Gloria Govan at their children's school was so intense that she allegedly used her SUV as a deadly weapon by barreling through a crowded school parking lot.

According to Barnes' petition for a restraining order against his ex-wife, he claims the argument over custody before Labor Day weekend was caused by "another intentional act by Gloria due to her lack of impulse control and arbitrary decision-making."

He describes Govan's "irrational" plan as a failed plot to "kidnap the children from their father," but says in reality she created an "emotionally charged" event that left the couple's children, Barnes and other school children in "physical danger."

Barnes claims when he first confronted Govan outside of the school, she threw her car in reverse, "jerking her car backwards" and allegedly causing the SUV door to slam against the arm of Barnes and their son, Isaiah.

He then says once he got the children into his own vehicle, he saw "Gloria's large SUV barreling down the school parking lot" and slamming on her brakes just short of his car. She then apparently tried to box his vehicle in the parking lot to attempt him leaving with the children, and called the police.

Once the police arrived and assessed the situation, it was Govan who ended up in handcuffs with a bail of $100,000.

Barnes is requesting that Govan stay at least 100 yards away from him and the children, their home and any extracurricular activities. He wants her to have no contact with the kids at the moment, and is seeking a professional supervisor for any visitation she may get.

He lists the alleged abuse as assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and false imprisonment and wants Govan to be enrolled in a 52-week batterer intervention program.

Govan showed up personally to fight her case Wednesday in court, but in the end Barnes emerged victorious with his restraining order getting granted.

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