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Spoiler Alert! Did Kris Jenner Just Leak Who The Ladybug Is On 'Masked Singer'

By Mike Walters

Guesses are pouring into social media about who the Ladybug is on 'Masked Singer,' but Kris Jenner may have just revealed who she is, just by acknowledging it.

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On the premiere episode of the hit television show, the Ladybug made quite the splash when the judges were surprised at her great singing voice and moves.

Gettyimages | Fox

Immediately, the front runner for fans became Kendall Jenner.

Let's review the hints, Ladybug was born into a famous family. She says the media follows all the drama and feuds in her life. And she loves the feeling of being anonymous, so...the paparazzi?

Giphy | The Masked Singer

Then a bombshell dropped, Kris Jenner TWEETED about the show. Spoiler for sure!

Twitter erupted, and the consensus is that she is only doing that because her daughter is on the show.

Messages like, "Well this tweet alone is a hint!" popped up.

"Yep I think the labybug is a Kardashian!" another fan posted.

Giphy | The Masked Singer

One of the judges on the show did throw out Kendall Jenner's name right away, and her slender figure and modeling posed made it a good bet.


The issues: The singing voice, and the accent. Ladybug can flat out sing. Some are questioning whether or not Kendall Jenner could sing like that. Also, it seems this celebrity has a southern accent, or does she?

Let us give you one more possible spoiler, Kendall was at the Emmy's in lady bug colors too...

Going to have to keep watching to find out!

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