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'The Masked Dancer' Spinoff Coming To Fox

Fox has announced it will have a spinoff of "The Masked Singer," with a show named, naturally, "The Masked Dancer."

The show will apparently be much like the original, but with far less singing and a lot more dancing, as the title would suggest.

Distractify writes that "The Masked Dancer," also gets its cues from Ellen DeGeneres' "The Ellen Show," when guests would try to figure out the identity of a celebrity dancer.

DeGeneres Is Putting Her Whole Body Into It

In case you were wondering whether DeGeneres should get any credit for this, the talk show host is set to executive-produce the show. No air date for "The Masked Dancer" has been announced yet.

Celebrities like Sean Hayes, Howie Mandel and Derek Hough have already appeared in Ellen's version.

DeGeneres put out a statement on the news, saying, “This is gonna be just as fun and suspenseful as 'The Masked Singer,' but with a lot more Krumping. And I cannot wait!”

Capitalizing On a Hit

Rob Wade, Fox’s president of alternative entertainment, released a statement as well:

“We’re still blown away by 'The Masked Singer' ’s massive impact on pop culture, but when Ellen debuted her own inventive segment, ‘The Masked Dancer,’ on her show, we were truly amazed.

We are thrilled to partner with Ellen on this new format and take 'The Masked Singer' to a whole new creative level.”

Season 3 of "The Masked Singer" will debut Feb. 2, right after the Super Bowl. then move to its normal time slot on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Saves Money On Logo Creation


Last year, DeGeneres combined both by mentioning the season finale of "The Masked Singer" while leading into her "Masked Dancer" segment.

DeGeneres led into her segment by reasoning that no one said she couldn't, saying: "Number one, I love it; number 2, we haven't been sued yet."

It's the same format as well -- someone whose identity is hidden comes out to dance. The judges ask the dancers a few questions to try to figure out his or her identity.

And of course, Ellen uses the nearly identical logo that Fox uses for its show.

Plestis Knew This Could Be a Hit


"The Masked Singer" actually came from "King of Masked Singer," based in South Korea. The American version came about after executive producer Craig Plestis saw it playing on TV at a Thai restaurant, where no one could tear their eyes away from the show.

In coming up with the idea, Plestis said at the time that customers "were all just staring at this TV watching this crazy kangaroo in like a pleather outfit singing, and we didn't even finish dinner."

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