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Martha Stewart Has Posted Some Nasty Photos Of Food

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin
By Emily Reily
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Stick To What You Know

When you think of Martha Stewart, you might think of her immaculately laid tables full of good food in a home that's equally beautiful.

Or you might imagine her on some lush grounds full of fragrant blooms, with nary a dead leaf to be seen.

But guess what - she's sharing photos of dishes that fail to reflect how good her creations are, and she's been doing it for quite some time.

Whatever This Is


Stewart posted this monstrosity, describing it as: "matsutake mushrooms sliced over broken rice and broth. Fragrant and very very good."

If Stewart says it's very very good, then it probably is, but this photo isn't going to convince anyone to try it.

The photo also looks poorly lit, like there's a yellowish-brownish cast over the whole thing. Yellow tints aren't super appetizing -- lemon-yellow, sure, but yellow-brown? Hard pass.

Also, the white things on top (presumably the mushrooms) have an odd shape. Once you see it, you can't look away.

The Toilet Broke

For this food photo from 2013, it looks like something was splattered all over the sides of the bowl (and even writing that seems gross). Either the whole meal was cooked in the oven, or someone just plopped the food into the bowl from 5 feet away.

"The chef literally shit in a bowl and served it to you," wrote @Oprahsmoose_toe.

And Stewart also lacks in the food photo description department.

This one she described as "Best slow cooked onion soup with baguette croutons and gruyere and Comte cheese melted on top. Garden onions"

Yep. Garden onions. She could have tried to embellish a little bit here, or describe how the garden onions were prepared -- fried, julienned, chopped....

Whatever she's making, we don't want it.

Please Stop


People have made sure to tell Stewart to knock it off.

For that mud/mold/spore potato soup photo, @SheWhoResists wrote:

" You do many things well. #Phone #photography is NOT one of them. Put down the camera phone and step away slowly."

I'm not going to lie. This looks like diarrhea," said @dmnyc.

Look: Cow.

She's also sharing photos of what could become food, but which is currently alive and moving around.

On May 5, 2014, Stewart posted a photo of a cow through a chain-link fence with one letter: "L."

As in, what -- "I love beef"? " 'L' stands for Larry the cow"? "Lick your lips good"?

It also looks like the cow is out of focus.

"martha what the fuck," said @PsychToast.


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