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'Marrying Millions' Star Rodney Foster In L.A. Hunting For Next Big Celebrity Alcohol Ambassador!

Edelheiss Wines
By Mike Walters

So what does it take to be the next Ryan Reynolds, Diddy, or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Well, to start, each one of them is owners of their own alcohol brand -- and now an entrepreneur and reality star is about to give someone their shot!!

We're told 'Marrying Millions' star Rodney Foster has been in Los Angeles taking meetings with powerful celebrities and the biggest social media influencers about a possible ambassadorship with his massive wine company, 'Edelheiss Wines.'

Our sources say several A-listers have been courting Rodney and showing him a good time around L.A. hoping that they can acquire part of the company and become its spokesperson.

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'Marrying Millions' Star In L.A. Meeting With Stars To Be The Next Alcohol Ambassador

The Blast

At this point, it appears that combination of 'Marrying Millions' successful show, and the quality of the wine has sparked massive buzz amongst the Hollywood elite.

Edelheiss Wines comes from Germany and is known thought the wine community for having some of the best sangria and naturally spiced wine in the world.

As we reported, Rodney shut down an entire block in Beverly Hills, after he was spotted by paparazzi entering the L.A. hotspot 'Spago' where he was having dinner with his publicist and real estate agent Patrice Ellis. Apparently, the dinner was a gift from an A-lister who is hoping to land a partnership with the company.

Who Could Be The Next George Clooney Or Ryan Reynolds?!

The Blast

If you know 'Marrying Millions,' you know that Rodney is no stranger to be blasted all over the headlines after he fell for Desiry Hall during the filming and has been with her for the last two years.

After the show wrapped, the couple was feeling ready to potentially tie the knot, but there a problem. Their relationship has been a secret and they were worried what their family and friends would say upon learning of the plan.

One thing is clear, it looks like Rodney is planting some roots in L.A and one of these stars might just get lucky and become the next big celebrity alcohol ambassadors and ride off into the sunset like George Clooney!

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