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'Marriage Story' Star Laura Dern's Goldfish Dies After 14 Years -- See The Amazing Fish!

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Mike Walters

In one of the saddest but most amazing stories of the day, Laura Dern says her goldfish has passed away but claims the little guy lived 14 years!! That's amazing!

The 'Marriage Story' actress took to Instagram to share the sad news posting a photo of the white-colored fish along with the bad news of it's passing.

"RIP to our amazing goldfish we loved so much. 14 YEARS!!!!!!!!" Dern wrote on Instagram with a picture of the fish.

At first, it seemed like a joke, because as you can see it appears the little guy is chomping down on a fresh biscuit, but a few important people started to comment and send well wishes to the actress.

See A Photo Of The Amazing Goldfish!

"I’ll be your goldfish," InStyle editor Laura Brown posted.

"Well maybe you shouldn’t have fed her biscuits!" one person joked after seeing the photo.

Interestingly, most of us assume goldfish only survive a few months after you bring them home from the fair or pet store. But, it turns out, the average life expectancy of a goldfish in the wild is 41 YEARS! Of course, that number goes down to 30 years in a pond or 10 years in an aquarium. Most of us have had one that only lasted a few days.

Let's Be Honest, He Had A Good Run!


BTW -- She didn't share the name with us...ya, we were wondering the same thing.

Fans of the actress loved the post and took to her comments to let her know they are thinking of her and amazed at the length of its life.

"Dude! We had one for 13 years and no one believed it! I took real good care of Crystal!" one fan wrote.

Another added, "I understand! My betta lived til almost 5 and sobbed like a baby - sorry for your loss."

That’s bloody good innings! I had Madeleine and Helen who didn’t even make the first night. Death certainly didn’t become them

In the end, I think we can all agree with this thought, "Laura Dern would foster a safe, happy environment for a fish to live 14 years. Wow I don’t think I even had my goldfish for 14 months. Another reason why Laura Dern is 👸🏼!"


R.I.P Litte Guy!

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