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Marlon Wayans Slammed For Poking Fun At Kanye West's Mental Health

By Whitney Vasquez

Marlon Wayans isn't getting the reaction he hoped for when he spoke out about Kanye West's breakdown. The 48-year-old star took to his social media to post a photo showing the rapper trying at his first presidential rally in South Carolina over the weekend. Commenting on Kanye West's mental health, the comedian suggested fans switch out the iconic Michael Jordan crying meme and replace it with the "Jesus Is King" rapper's picture. Marlon Wayans' joke didn't sit well with followers who immediately slammed the actor for making fun of Kanye West's mental health.

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Kanye's Breakdown:


In the photo, Kanye West is seen breaking down crying while speaking out about nearly aborting his first child with Kim Kardahsian. Saying he "almost killed my daughter," the star made headlines for his rant during the rally followed by days of tweets accusing his wife and mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, of trying to "lock him up."

While the "White Chicks" star is known for his comedic humor, this joke fell short and he caught major slack in the comment section.

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Marlon's Joke:


"i just want to say i that i think we should replace the crying #michaeljordan with the crying #kanyewest in all fairness he’s actually Gilbert gifted," he captioned Kanye West's crying snap. He then attempted to switch gears by talking about the seriousness of mental health issues.

"We often overlook mental illness. We shouldn’t every family got at least one. Don’t turn your back on it," Marlon Wayans added. Claiming that Kanye West dips and blends the lines of "insanity and genius," he commended the rapper for "allowing his creativity to be an outlet for his insanity."

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Fans Fire Back!


His fans are not impressed and immediately clapped back at Marlon Wayans, shaming him for what they claim is making light of a serious situation. "Good to see men's mental Health is a f--king joke to some," one person replied.

"Mind you f--king business big hommie u running your mouth in everybody issues to wrong witchua," asked another follower. "No sir. This isn't funny not one fkn bit. This man needs help. Black people do better than this," said a third.

At the time of this post, Marlon Wayans has not responded to the backlash.

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