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Mark Wahlberg's Family Is Over His Shirtless Videos

By TheBlast Staff

Mark Wahlberg shirtless is a blessed sight for most people, just not for his wife and daughter.

The "Boogie Nights" star has been training to get into shape for his upcoming movie, "The Six Billion Dollar Man," and has been proudly showing off his physique on social media.

In his latest video, a shirtless Wahlberg was talking about the protein water he's been using, but his wife and daughter couldn't help but voice their thoughts.

At the end of the clip, his wife, Rhea Durham, can be heard saying, "Babe, stop doing videos with your shirt off!"

The camera pans and his daughter, Grace, chimes in with, "Yeah, dad!"

Hey, they might not be fans ... but we're guessing plenty of people are just fine with this shirtless trend.

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