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Mark Wahlberg Rides A Stick Pony For Daughter’s Own Social Media Challenge

By Jeff Mazzeo

Did Mark Wahlberg just become the world’s coolest dad? We think so!

The legendary actor scored some major daddy points on Monday. Mark shared a video the featured his 10-year-old daughter, Gracie, himself, and a classic wooden stick pony toy to announce a social media challenge started by Gracie herself. Mark's clip was part of a larger video that explained the challenge but it included the best part. Wahlberg neighs and takes off galloping as Gracie almost falls over laughing.

"@quarantinedequestrians 14 Day Challenge - Starts on Wednesday - Kids only!" Mark captioned his hilarious video.

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Ride 'Em, Mark!


The quarantined equestrian challenge starts Wednesday and one lucky winner will get a special prize. Kids only. Grace recorded a video with all the details.

"I created an equestrian challenge for all those equestrians out there," Gracie announced. "It is two weeks and every day we will be posting something different for you guys to do."

"In order to win a saddle pad, depending on what kind of riding you do, we will send you that kind of saddle pad," she continued. "Don't forget to do all 14 challenges and tag us in order to win!"

Who Doesn't Love A Pony?


To facilitate their daughter's challenge, Mark and his wife, Rhea created a separate Instagram account to keep up with al the participants called @quarantinedequestrians. They want to provide some entertainment for other children that are obsessed with horses just like Grace.

"Calling all equestrian kids! Join us for a 14 Day social media challenge starting this Wednesday. We’ll give you a horse related challenge to tag us in and all kids who participate each day will be entered into a drawing for a new saddle pad from our family to yours! Can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!"

Are You Not Entertained?!!!


Rhea and Mark have really been going the extra mile to make sure their kids are entertained while everyone is stuck at home. Last week, Mark was completely confused by a video of his wife and daughter doing the viral Carole Baskin "Savage" challenge.

"Could somebody please tell me what this is? I went downstairs to get a snack.🥺" Wahlberg hilariously captioned the strange video.

Gracie went all out and had a drawn-on mustache and chest hair to really sell the **Joe Exotic look.

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