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Mark Wahlberg Claims A Catfish Swindled His Fan Out Of $85K

By Jeff Mazzeo

Mark Wahlberg took to his social media pages to warn fans about imposters asking for money.

"an imposter sent this poorly photoshopped image to convince a fan she was really talking to me," Wahlberg wrote on Instagram. "Please do not send money to anyone claiming to be me."

The photo he is referencing to is a picture of a man holding up a note with a cutout of Mark's head on the man's body.

Wahlberg continued his message to detail a sad situation where his fan was tricked into giving an imposter money.

"We just heard yesterday about someone being scammed out of $85,000 — be careful!" The star exclaimed.

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He Wants Fans To Report Imposters


The star clarified for his fans that he only has a verified account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. "I’m not on WhatsApp, Hangouts, Messenger, Snapchat or TikTok," he said.

Wahlberg is taking this violation so seriously that he set up an email account where fans can report imposters.

"You can send screenshots of fake accts to be removed to and my team will take care of it," Mark wrote concluding his warning.


Dog said that people were trying to take advantage of his wife, Beth's death by asking for money.

"DO NOT send any sort of currency in any shape or form by and through ANY mechanism," A representative said on Dog's behalf. "HE DOES NOT ask individuals for money EVER EVER EVER! The media team is overwhelmed with removing fake accounts. I am hearing some people have sent as much as $5,000. You do not have to send these to me to verify this for you. When you see them REPORT THEM. ALL OF THEM."

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