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Mark Wahlberg Hops on Hollywood Tour Bus to School Tourists on Tom Brady

By TheBlast Staff

Mark Wahlberg is a New England Patriots fan to the core, and even while taking time out of his day to make some vacation memories for a tour bus full of tourists, he can't let a Green Bay Packer's fan off the hook!

The "Instant Family" star was jogging by his Hollywood mansion Friday afternoon when he was spotted by the Ultimate Hollywood Tours bus. Most bus tours in L.A. are a waste of money and rarely deliver on the promise of sighting celebrities ... but not this time, as Wahlberg not only greeted the tourists ... he hopped on the bus!

Hoisting himself into a crouched position, Wahlberg took selfies with the excited bus riders. The star then noticed a fan sporting some Green Bay Packers merchandise, and switched into Pats super fan-mode.

"Hey, you gotta get rid of that Packer's jersey!" Wahlberg exclaimed, adding, "We gotta get you on TB12." TB12 is Tom Brady's activewear brand, and Wahlberg is obviously a huge supporter of the Super Bowl champ.

As for the fans on the bus, they definitely got their money's worth.

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