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Marie Fredriksson of '80s Band Roxette Has Died

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By Emily Reily

It Must Have Been Love


Marie Fredriksson, the lead singer of the '80s rock and pop duo Roxette, has died after a nearly two-decade battle with brain cancer. She was 61.

Roxette's Band Page Broke the News


The band's official Twitter page announced the news: “It’s been an amazing 30 years! The joyride on the road is now over — but we sure had fun, didn’t we?”

Per Gessle, Fredriksson's band mate, wrote a lovely tribute to her.

“Time goes by so quickly. It’s not that long ago we spent days and nights in my tiny apartment in Halmstad, listening to music we loved, sharing impossible dreams. And what a dream we eventually got to share!

Thank you, Marie, thanks for everything. You were an outstanding musician, a master of the voice, an amazing performer. Thanks for painting my black and white songs in the most beautiful colors.

You were the most wonderful friend for over 40 years. I’m proud, honored and happy to have been able to share so much of your time, talent, warmth, generosity and sense of humor. All my love goes out to you and your family. Things will never be the same. P.”

You've Likely Heard Roxette Before Even If You Didn't Know It


Roxette had four Number 1 hits: "Listen To Your Heart," "Joyride," "The Look" and "It Must Have Been Love." That last song got additional fame for being used in 1990's Pretty Woman.

The band retired from touring in 2016, playing its last show in Grand Arena, Cape Town. They had originally planned to celebrate their 30th anniversary that summer.

She Defeated Cancer For a Long Time

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Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumor after hitting her head on a sink at her home in 2002.

At that time, Fredriksson's manager Marie Dimberg announced: “A number of tests have been made showing that Marie has a small tumor in her in the back of her head. We do not know how serious it is but hope for the best.”

Fredriksson didn't come back on stage until 2009, making a surprise appearance during one of Gessle's solo performances.

Rest In Peace, Marie


In 2012, Fredriksson announced that she had beaten cancer.

“Thank God it’s over. … It was very, very tough. But I’m here. I’m not dead. When I was very, very ill, we were very afraid.”

And Gessle said: “It’s a miracle that she survived, and it’s an even bigger miracle that she’s still here, touring, 19 months. Even her doctor said it wasn’t possible. But she’s doing it, and it’s just fantastic.”

"Listening to 'listen to your heart' it must’ve been love,' and 'she’s got the look' on repeat in memory of #Roxette’s #MarieFrediksson," wrote @themindofreyrey.

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