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Mariah Carey Writing A Tell-All Memoir Including The Drama & 'Struggles' During Her Career!

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Mike Walters

Mariah Carey just announced she is writing a tell-all style memoir which will include all sorts of drama and 'struggles' during her career and all the triumphs too -- and it sounds like it's going to be an unbelievable read!!

The 'Butterly' singer confirmed the book release on Instagram posting a photo of a book emoji, and a caption saying, "Delivered! I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light."

As you can imagine, Mariah has been through several divorces including Nick Cannon, and has seen and heard some of the craziest things in Hollywood and the music business.

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'I Want To Tell My Story Of The Moments'


The singer posted a lengthy statement about the book and explained reasons behind wanting to tell her own story.

“It took me a lifetime to have the courage and the clarity to write my memoir. I want to tell the story of the moments – the ups and downs, the triumphs and traumas, the debacles and the dreams, that contributed to the person I am today,” she wrote.

She continued, “Though there have been countless stories about me throughout my career and very public personal life, it’s been impossible to communicate the complexities and depths of my experience in any single magazine article or a ten-minute television interview. And even then, my words were filtered through someone else’s lens, largely satisfying someone else’s assignment to define me."

'My Memories, My Mishaps, My Struggles, My Survival'


As far as what is in this memoir and how much the singer is willing to divulge....she says, "this book is composed of my memories, my mishaps, my struggles, my survival and my songs. Unfiltered. I went deep into my childhood and gave the scared little girl inside of me a big voice. I let the abandoned and ambitious adolescent have her say, and the betrayed and triumphant woman I became tell her side. Writing this memoir was incredibly hard, humbling and healing. My sincere hope is that you are moved to a new understanding, not only about me but also about the resilience of the human spirit.”

Andy Cohen: This Is Going To Blow Everybody Away!


Fans are going nuts over the announcement and can't wait to get their hands on it. Even 'Bravo' boss Andy Cohen reacted to the story, saying, "This is going to blow everybody away!!! I am so grateful to witness your literary artistry up close. "

"I cannot wait to read it! Thank you for sharing your journey 💕💕💕" another fan said.

"Wow! Absolutely beautiful 😭 I can't wait to read your Memoir! And yes, He has and continues to use you and your voice! May God continue to keep and bless you MC, love you!" another added.

One person put it like this, "THE READ OF THE DECADE!"


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